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I’m Mike Cannings (Big Mike to many – hence the ‘BM’ bit) and I’m an award-winning Bristol-based designer and illustrator. With my trusty team of creative hotshots at my side, we have created bright and colourful brands for many leading companies over the years.

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Specialists? Pah! Not likely

Or the one where we talk about why we choose to work with tech companies…and financial services companies…and health companies…oh, and even a garden fertiliser company… Read more »

Studio Chat: Keeping Organised with our Project Manager, George

How do we make sure that standards don't slip for our clients when we're mega busy? Our Project Manager, Georgina, tells us how she keeps everything running smoothly. Read more »

How to tell if an agency really does work collaboratively?

Collaboration. It often sounds like a bit of a buzz word when it comes to the creative industries. After all, it simply means working with someone to get something done. Read more »

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