From kids with crayons to…
well, grown-ups
with crayons.

The BM Inc. team is a mighty crew of specialists whose expertise covers everything you’d expect from a hands-on design and marketing agency, including brand and marketing strategy, illustration, animation, copywriting, integrated campaigns, direct marketing, brochure design, press advertising, branding, desktop and mobile web design and SEO, social media and content marketing… did we miss anything?

And while our offering may sound familiar, we really don’t look, feel or act like other agencies.

At BM Inc. what you see is what you get. No front. No faff. No façade.

With us, it’s personal. We care about what we do. We care about building lasting relationships and making our clients feel good. And we care about delivering effective work that makes other people care too.

There’s always a different way to do things – even things that have been done the same for ever. We come at briefs from a different angle, with a fresh perspective, to create beautiful work that works beautifully.

We do what makes us happy. It makes our clients happy too.

Creative to the core, we were born with crayons in our hands and sketch pads tucked into our nappies – snap us in half and you’ll probably find a pencil lead.

But we’re more than just designers (and copywriters and brand strategists and web designers). We’re people. And we aim to squish a dollop of humanity into every single project we’re involved with. With us, it’s always about design with character.

Meet our team

A bunch of smart cookies who love cooking up tasty ideas, at BM Inc. we get stuck into each and every project; the icing on the cake is we have fun doing it.


Founder / Creative Director


Digital & animation lead






Digital project manager & social media


Business development director


Account director


Creative artworker




Strategy & Copy

From the studio

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