What it really means to move into a studio

Casual lounge wear and woolly hats. That’s what working from home really is. Casual lounge wear, woolly hats, and isolation. Working from home can seem like a luxury but the reality of the experience is not always so dreamy. Having worked in the basement throughout the pandemic, only ‘meeting’ the team via video calls and emails there has been a lot missing from working life. 

The accessibility of technology has been an incredible lifeline during these strange and challenging couple of years. It has allowed us to continue to run our design agency and work as a team, all from the comfort of our own home. Yet working together through a screen will never be the same as the real thing.

Whilst it may have served me well at the time, the basement was often so cold (even with the heating on!!) I resorted to working in woolly hats, this became a bit of a standing joke. And although there is always humour to be found in situations like this, I can’t deny that working in a space alone can cause you to feel very disconnected from your team. Sitting at a desk in a room alone, day in day out, is lonely whether you’re a one-man band or part of a team.

No matter what tech we use to communicate, no digital connection is the same as the real thing. You arrange meetings and catch ups, ask about each other’s weekends… but it can never reflect the natural connection and community you feel when organically chatting, laughing, and connecting sat desk to desk in the same office.

It doesn’t matter what size your business is, how big your team is or how established your reputation is; working alone in a basement will always feel like you’re a small business.

That’s not to say that there aren’t some great elements to working from home and Zoom/Teams meetings, I’m sure we can all agree that it is lovely not to have to worry about commuting and working from home often means that clients get to see snippets of your personal life with children popping in while meetings take place on more than one occasion!!

Of course these perks to working from home don’t change the fact  that when you are a creative person, face to face working will always present more opportunities for inspiration, which is why I have always had a vision for our design and illustration studio. One where we not only put personality into brands and build great relationships with clients but put personality into our work process and build great relationships in the team, to be more than just a group of designers working together but to be a design family. This doesn’t mean we will always be in the studio and we will continue to be flexible in order to maintain the work/life balance amongst the team. However, it is wonderful to have a space to get creative together.

Our move into the studio is a new chapter for the BMinc team which involves working with Business Coach, Niki Matyjasik, to move the business to the next level. We’re finally coming out of our caves, leaving our kitchens, bedrooms, and lofts (yes even our basements and sheds!) pulling on our jeans (if they still fit!) and coming together as a team.

It feels so good to finally meet face to face and remember we do all have legs! So here we come, for a brand-new chapter… the future of BMinc. Watch this space!

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