Studio Chat with Big Mike

We’ve had a lot of questions recently; about how we’re keeping the creativity flowing, in this, less than inspiring time. Who better to answer this question than Big Mike himself? Who has been doodling from his basement for the best part of a year now! Mike?

Like lots of creatives I’m used to working with a fun team in a buzzing city, where even the lunch choices each day are a source of inspiration. However, after nearly 12 months of working from home, feeling creative is taking a little bit more effort.

My short answer is, you need to work at it. Plodding on each day expecting inspiration to hit is not likely to work (for me anyway). It’s easy to get bogged down with house stuff, the news, my kids and running the business. So, I try to do these three things each day to keep my eyes open and designs fresh.

  • Keep looking. Always see what’s going on around the world in the design and illustration industry. Looking at blogs, Instagram, tech sites and industry websites. I constantly feel inspired by other designers and creators. I’m particularly interested in some of the work coming out of Spain at the moment. Specifically, I love what Hey are doing with their packaging design. The illustration work from Bold has also caught my eye.
  • Go for a walk. I am a big believer in getting away from my desk to come up with ideas. I very rarely come up with my ideas in my basement. It’s usually on my bike, walking in the local woods or sitting at the breakfast table. A change of location can work wonders when I’m feeling a bit creatively stunted.
  • Spend time perusing other interests. It’s easy to get caught up in the work, especially now. With so much uncertainty sometimes it’s difficult not to feel pressured to be working every spare minute I have. However, I know that I always do better work when I’ve had some time doing something which isn’t work. I love cooking, baking, and playing Lego with the kids (any excuse to get the Lego out). Which when I think about it, are all still actually creative endeavours.

I’d love to hear any methods you guys use to keep yourself feeling interested and creative while we’re all stuck inside. Perhaps you need some help coming up with some ideas. Either way Get in touch

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