STICKERS! Supercharging your brand on socials

Now, you may be thinking, there’s nothing new about stickers, but aren’t they for kids? Not anymore! And we’re talking social stickers, not the stickers we used to trade with our friends to complete our sticker book collections in days gone by (although they were fun weren’t they!!)

Social stickers are one of the newest trends across social media and are a great way of creating thumb stopping content. If you’re looking to increase your audience engagement then we definitely recommend you get onboard!


So what exactly are stickers? One website we looked at describes them as “emojis on steroids” and, whilst many are similar to emojis, they also promote engagement by allowing you to ask your audience questions, tell the viewer the location that the story is referring to, mention another person or business or just add a touch of animated humour (kitten playing a guitar anyone?!). There’s even a music sticker that plays a song of your choice when the story is viewed, adding to the mood of the story and the audience experience. 

Call to action stickers are also regularly used to raise awareness of social causes and throughout the pandemic the ‘Stay Home, Save Lives’ sticker was a common sight across most social media platforms. Another popular one amongst business owners is the ‘Support Small Business’ sticker. These may seem like simple buzzwords or phrases but did you know that studies have shown that millennials are more likely to spend money with businesses that openly show their support for relevant causes. In short, stickers add to the intended emotion of a story, helping audiences to relate to it and connect with your brand. 


Which is exactly why we are so excited to be introducing this service! Not only does it feed our love of illustration and animation but it will also help the brands that we work with to grab their audiences attention, increase their engagement and, in turn, their reach. Also, these little powerhouses are so versatile and are not confined to the realms of social media. You can use them in email campaigns, on your website, in what’s app or create mini MP4s to use in all sorts of settings. What’s not to love!

If you would like to explore further how static and animated stickers will capture the imaginations of your customers, raising the profile of your brand, then let’s have a chat. We offer a number of good value, flexible packages all designed to fit the unique needs of your business.


We love our social stickers that Mike and his team created. They are so easy to use and add another, personalised, dimension to our social posts. The whole process was so easy from start to finish and Mike was on hand to make any changes or tweaks.  Thank you we love them!

Lucie Loughlin
Jam Worldwide

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