Specialists? Pah! Not likely

Or the one where we talk about why we choose to work with tech companies…and financial services companies…and health companies…oh, and even a garden fertiliser company…

 Here at BMinc, it’s almost a point of pride that we’ve worked on projects for such a wide variety of different industries. In fact, if we’re honest, it’s big part of what makes life here so much fun.

But is it the right way to go about things?

Ask many designers or agencies and they’ll say specialising, or niching, is the best way to gain authority and notoriety in the business. It’s the way to reach the big time! And while that strategy obviously works brilliantly for some agencies, it’s just not something that floats the BMinc boat.

They say variety is the spice of life. Now, we don’t know about that, but it’s certainly what gets the energy levels up and keeps the BMinc studio alive. Albeit virtually at the moment.

So on that note, here are just three of the reasons we choose to work with a smorgasbord of industry clients.

Variety gets the creative juices flowing

We love doing what we do. Whether it’s cooking up a social media campaign for a financial business, designing a well-being app for people with brain trauma, branding an international insurance firm or illustrating a fish on a unicycle. It’s that variety that keeps our heads buzzing with ideas.

So when we know there’s something a bit different coming up the whole team gets excited to get started. How should we approach it? Who would be the best people to put on the job? And what do we do to make sure the result stands out from the crowd?

Soon everybody wants to get involved, ideas are flying around like custard pies at the circus and magic is sparked from the smallest of things – often when we least expect it.

It gives us the ingredients to create stand-out style

We all know that some sectors have a ‘look’, with many well-known companies sitting comfortably in the same space. We see dark blue we think safe and secure – finance and IT or tech. We see pastels, pinks and greens we think health and wellbeing, and there are plenty more examples.

Of course, there’s a psychological rationale behind these branding decisions; there’s a reason this approach works. But what about if you want to stand out from the competition rather than ‘fit in’? What if you want your audience to see you as something a little bit different? A little bit special?

With careful research and a solid strategy, it’s completely possible to create a brand look and feel that inspires confidence in your audience while also helping you stand out from your industry ‘crowd’. And this is something that a broad and varied client list goes a long way to supporting, bringing little nuggets of cross-sector inspiration to every job.

One of our clients, Mike Baker, from The Pension Solutions Group, came to us looking for a unique approach to their business. TPSG wanted to show how different they were from their competitors. So we asked Mike what he thought about being different to the rest and what we brought to the table:

Perhaps particularly with hindsight, the last thing we wanted back when we were wrestling with the thorny issue of ‘branding’, was a designer steeped in Financial Services. We’ve nothing against our competitors, but we’ve always railed against the notion that our industry demands we appear dull. Our invaluable relationship with BMinc began when they fed off that desire to stand out and dared us to have the courage of our convictions. They shared our belief and demonstrated how we could retain integrity and expertise while showing the personality of our company.

And it offers the opportunity for cross-germination of ideas

We may have left this one to last, but in hindsight it’s probably the most important reason we think cross-sector experience is a huge benefit to us.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a large multi-national bank or a local artisan bakery. Even companies that appear outwardly very different, have a surprising number of similarities. And it’s working with these similar aspects that allows us to boil up ideas together to create something truly original. While we are working on financial services, a great idea that doesn’t suit that job might feed into the bakery project or vice versa.  Ultimately, all business to customer relationships are just about people offering great value to other people. Are they not?

Ideas form everywhere. And even the most abstract of thoughts can connect in the most marvellous of ways. That’s why coming at things from so many different perspectives can often result in the freshest results.

We believe that in design work the fundamental thing is to understand the personality of the brand and the audience it is trying to connect with. No matter the industry or sector. And at the end of the day the same people who buy freshly-baked sourdough will also likely require mortgages and pensions advice.

So, in that way, the two things aren’t so very different after all.

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