Looking at pensions differently

The Pension Solutions Group

The Pension Solutions Group (TPSG) is one of BMinc’s longest running clients. With a relationship that is 10 years old, we were there at the beginning for the branding of the then ‘new business’ to now working closely alongside their Communications Director and Marketing Manager on their marketing and social media content, online and digital projects as well as events and promotional campaigns. TPSG are not afraid to push the boundaries and go against the ‘norm’ in their industry, allowing for interesting and standout projects that push them ahead of their competitors. As they say, they’re not ‘slick suits’, they’re ‘smart thinkers’.

Mike and the BMinc team's enthusiasm is as infectious as it is authentic. They brings their joyful ways of working into their ideas which always demonstrate how well they understood the brief, and which nudge us to do what's right for us. In fact, Mike and the team understands us and the brand so well now that our communications are as seamless as you'd expect within an in-house team.
Mike Baker
Communications Director, The Pension Solutions Group

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