Well, January done. Whether you’ve hit the ground running or are struggling with a false start, this year already promises to be as unexpected as the last. We hope you’ve come out of 2020 relatively unscathed and are looking forward to a new, (hopefully better) year ahead.

Four things we are focussing on at BMinc HQ (aka various home-offices, basements, and dining rooms around the South West) to ensure we can be as prepared as possible for whatever this year throws at us are as follows:

Investing in Digital

Arguably there has never been a more important time to do it. With the team all working remotely and get togethers few and far between, we wanted to ensure our tools and methods of communication were as robust and secure as possible. The first quarter of this year will see us implement new job tracking software to enable us to give our customers the best, most efficient service we can. No matter who picks up your call.

Upping our Marketing Planning

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we always need a plan B. We’re spending some extra time and energy at the beginning of this year focussing on our marketing. We know the year ahead is likely to be challenging for a lot of businesses’ in different ways, ours included. For this reason, we’re making extra efforts to keep our marketing relevant, thoughtful and helpful.

Expanding our Offering

The temptation is to hunker down and stick to what we know. The last 12 months have been chaotic and crazy enough without learning new stuff, haven’t they? And yet, at BMinc, we’re chasing new horizons. Product development meetings are already underway; with our team investigating new snazzy developments in digital that we can share with you.

Keeping it Kind

We know first-hand how tricky working around home-schooling can be. How overwhelming it can be to not have seen family for months on end and how working at home can get just a little bit lonely. So, we’re allowing ourselves a bit extra time to fit work in and we’re doing everything we can to be as flexible as possible with our clients, as we know you’re all likely suffering from the same challenges. We are looking out for each other, after all, lovely, happy people are what BMinc is all about. (If we do say so ourselves). So, let’s keep the coffee flowing and count down hopefully to a summer get-together.

Maybe your business has transformed beyond all recognition in a year, like so many have. Or perhaps you’re struggling to find clarity in your messaging, or maybe a desperate marketing push in 2020 has rendered your brand a bit disparate and inconsistent. If you’re struggling with these or any other marketing challenges, we can help. Just give (Big) Mike a call on 07899 090675.

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