Different strokes different folks
I really do love the diversity of my work and it’s very important to me and the team that we create an individual approach for each of our clients’ marketing challenges. We design for organisations as diverse as local charities, national pension providers and global healthcare companies. They all have their own values and it’s our job to create a style, brand or campaign that conveys those values in the most effective and engaging way (If we can add a sprinkle of humour into the mix too, then that’s just perfect).

What we can do for you

I setup BMinc over eight years ago and since then I've built up some amazing client relationships, as well as a great team of independent creatives. We have a broad range of experience, covering everything from branding and literature to digital and web design, but because of my team's vast experience we can deliver pretty much anything. A brand and strategy for a super new business? Sure! Or an animation of a dancing hippo? Yeah! Count us in.

Also BMinc collaborates with other agencies, independent marketers and strategists. We feel that joining together can bring some real creative magic.

If you're looking for expertise in a specific discipline, I’d be very happy to show you some examples. If you want to collaborate or have a brief in mind, we like nothing more than having a chat over a cuppa.

Making it happen

Over the years I’ve built a trusted network of creative experts who I manage and work with every day.
These copywriters, developers, marketing strategists, account directors and animators help me to bring
all sorts of projects to life and we’re well used to solving complex creative challenges.

The team:

  • Mike Cannings (Founder and designer)

    Me, Big Mike. The man who meets, greets and creates the whizz bang and the bang whizz. With nearly 20 years in the design industry, I’ve worked in some of the best agencies in the region and use my unique skills in design and illustration to discover that morsel of inspiration that will create a piece of work that’s innovative, engaging and relevant.

  • Georgina Best (Project Manager)

    Makes the ship sail in a straight line. She is always calm while ‘others’ are flapping about.

  • Ashley Best (Digital)

    Digital expert, music maestro, animator. Amazingly talented and top bloke.

  • Matt Crowe (Design and illustration)

    Designer, illustrator and rapid responder! Nothing phases the man.

  • Niki Matyjasik (Business development)

    The governor. The one who makes sure BMinc stays true to its business values and keeps the business going in the right direction.

  • Karen Davies (Artworker)

    The liner-upper and making-things-good-er. Word wizard and Powerpoint perfectionist.

  • The copywriters

    The go-to wordsmiths. Like a cluster of modern day Shakespeares for your business. Depending on the message you want to get across we have the Bard for you.

Let's work together

One of the things we love most about what we do for a living is building relationships
with our clients and helping them to get the most out of their marketing.

Whether you’ve already written a brief or want to talk through your ideas
and create a plan together, we're happy to help.