About BMinc

Allow me to introduce myself

I’m Mike (Big Mike to many) and over the years I’ve worked for some of the best creative agencies in the region including Proctor & Stevenson, Steers McGillan and Gravity. I’ve gained a broad range of experience, covering everything from branding and literature to illustrations and web design for many top organisations including Frontier MEDEX, Hewlett Packard, the South West Regional Development Agency, Manchester City Art Gallery, Mini, Groovy Foods and Ecotricity. You can read more about what I’ve been up to on LinkedIn.

Nowadays I tend to work directly with clients rather than through agencies. It works for me because I get to do my thing, and it works for them because they get a whole lot more of Big Mike for a little less investment. What stays the same is how I work.

I approach every brief with the same enthusiasm and professionalism, and use my unique skills in design and illustration to discover that little nugget of inspiration that will create a piece of work that’s innovative, engaging
and relevant. There’s lots to see in the portfolio so take a look.

Decent work for decent people is what it’s all about. I want you to enjoy the creative process as much as me, so investing time in the relationship is as important to me as coming up with great ideas. Think of BMinc. as a micro-brewery minus the beer, but with all the body, unique character and quirkiness you need to create an original product of impeccable taste. Cheers!

What’s BMinc. all about?

For over 15 years I’ve been doing creative work for brave clients who value a designer who’s as passionate about projects as they are. I’ve worked in some of the best agencies in Bristol but BMinc. is all about me doing my thing directly for you, the client.

A creative mind loves variety and mine is very happy designing everything from one-off logos and branding projects to magazines, brochures and websites. I’ve always been a keen illustrator so sometimes this sneaks it’s way into my work too. Have a look at my portfolio and you’ll see some of the stuff I’ve done.

It’s a serious thing business. I know getting the job done on time and on brief really matters but it’s good to take time to enjoy the creative process too. Coming up with great ideas is the fun bit and that’s the bit I’d like to share with you.

Do you have the right experience?

I’ve been lucky enough to work across a range of sectors and that’s what keeps life interesting. In the morning I might be designing an apple juice label for an award-winning restaurant and by the afternoon preparing a presentation of ideas to a global heath committee in an international war zone. That one’s secret squirrel but you can see lots of other stuff in my portfolio.

I have a thorough understanding of designing for B2B and know how different design needs to be for a consumer market. I also love working for charities and social enterprises too.

Can I trust BMinc. to get the job done?

BMinc. is only interested in good surprises. The creative bit is the fun bit. I want you to get excited about presentations, not terrified, and that’s why I’ll always spend plenty of time with you getting the brief just right
so I come back with ideas that are bang on brief.

Yes, on paper I’m a one man band, but over the past 15 years I’ve built up a trusted network of individuals who
I rely on to support me whenever there’s a need for copy, artwork or marketing strategy. This means you’ll be happy knowing there are enough people to deliver the job and I’m happy because I get to spend my time coming up with great ideas.

What’s all this brave stuff about?

The Ethicurean family were brave with their logo. They won an Observer Food Monthly award and got a book deal. The team at Frontier Medex were brave with their corporate identity. Within two months of the re-brand the business was acquired by a global health organisation, who I now do award winning work for. Rosie at Groovy Foods was brave with their packaging. Sales increased by 20% following the rebrand of Agave Nectar. Brave ideas get you noticed. Fact.

Can I afford BMinc to do my stuff?

Having a flexible team means you get (better than) agency standards without the hefty price tag. It’s a lean, mean creative machine. And you know what? It works. Ok, so you pay a bit more than the back-bedroom freelancer for the BM Inc treatment but rest assured, you’ll also be paying a whole lot less than to an agency.

So, how does it work?

Everyone wants a designer they can get on with. People say I’m a nice guy but you need to decide for yourself. If you’re a client that knows what they want to achieve but needs a creative designer to blow you away with some bold, brave and downright beautiful ideas then get in touch.

What people say about me and my work

“The most frequent brief I give Mike is: ‘make it better than anything you’ve done before, different to anything you’ve done before – make it brilliant’. Each time he delivers. Whether it’s innovative climate change campaigning, private equity or remote medical solutions, he’s helped me create a number of global brands across not-for-profit and for profit sectors, transforming businesses with significant commercial impact.”

Kieran Battles Vice President Strategic Intelligence at UnitedHealth Group

“Mike is the first person I call when I have a good head-scratcher of a brief and I’m never disappointed. He’s an incredible designer with a wealth of ideas in that head of his. A thoroughly lovely guy too.”

Sass Beresford-Joyner  Managing Director, Bright Butler

“I have known and worked with Mike over a period of five years. He accomplishes all that you want from a graphic designer with the added bonus that he a great person to engage with. He listens intently to what you want and then delivers excellent creative work that is on time and on budget.  I would recommend Mike to anyone looking for some original thinking in their graphic design work.”

Steve Birch  Managing Director, Elevate Sales

“I’ve worked with Mike for around five years, and it’s been an absolute delight. Not only is he fantastically creative, his dedication ensures the job always gets done to the highest standard, despite our tough demands! He’s done an amazing job helping developing our brand, and best of all I can honestly say he’s one of the loveliest guys I know – his unfaltering positivity is infectious, and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone as unassumingly talented as Mike is.”

Jenene Blackmore  Marketing Communication Manager, Apetito

Clients I’ve worked for (past and present)

UnitedHealthcare // UnitedHealthcare Global // BMW // Apetito // Wiltshire Farm Foods // Mini // Alterian // Southampton Solent University // Penny Brohn // IPL // HP // SWRDA // 3 Mobile // Ecotricity // Working Knowledge // BAA // Resolving Chaos // Sustrans // Light and Land // PSG // Taylor Brothers // FrontierMEDEX // Naturya // MML and many many more…